Story Time

Laxy The Happy Golf Cart

Summer time is here and Laxando’s cheerful little golf cart couldn’t be happier.  Soon Laxy knows La Casa will be visited by lots of girls and boys enjoying their vacations playing happily around at the resort.

Laxy’s best friends Ball and Bucket just can’t wait for the children to come and play with them.  Bucket loves spending time with the children making sand castles at our little beach.  Ball is looking forward to the fun too.

Story Written & Illustrated By Michelle Greenwood

Just the other day the chums were chatting and Bucket wondered if anyone this holiday season can find the little magic La Casa pebble?  All the friends agreed it was only a matter of time before some lucky child could find it.

Stories of Laxy & Friends’ adventures will be coming soon, so please check in here regularly.

Head to the ‘Colour Me’ page to see & print an image of Laxy for you to colour.