Sun Safe

Safe Sun

Every year I notice signs of people exposed to too much sun.   Some of these conditions could be unrelated but please be aware.

  • Vomiting (not always caused by too much ice cream, can be too much sun)
  • Feeling cold – if later you feel shivers, need a sweater or a blanket in bed even though it’s hot, you probably got too much sun.


Be careful if you or a family member does have signs of being over exposed to our hot Okanagan climate, make sure they take it easy.

  • If you are concerned seek medical advice
  • Stay in the shade for a day or two
  • Eat some melon or drink some ice green tea
  • Milk can help sooth red skin or a cold water compress

Sun Safe Items

  • Sun block
  • A couple of different sun factors to suit your families skin types
  • Sun hat or cap
  • T-shirt
  • Bottle of water
  • I love the beach towels that come with games. For example the towel has a printed grid and comes with a bag of checkers. If you have one of these it is a great way to entice a family member out of the sun for a bit to play a game.