Pack Your Bags

Hints & Tips

Our suggestions to help your vacation go more smoothly.


Pack Your Bags

  1. Choose the right size bag for your needs.

Don’t take a bag larger than you need. 

  • Taking a short stay, use a holdall or a mini case.
  • Longer stay a larger case or bag
  • Larger families, it might be more effective to choose a larger carrier and double up.



2. Appropriate clothing.

  • Spring & Fall pack a fleece or sweater . For summer a thinner long sleeved top or bolero.  Handy if you have had too much sun because that can cause you to feel the chills.
  • Ensure you have the right clothes for your activities. Hiking? Make sure you have the right socks and footwear.  Lake swimming? Bring water shoes. 
  1. Buy & Pack Family Favourites

I will elaborate on this subject. For example I know my usual store in Vernon BC might sell the best brand of body lotion or antiseptic cream I have ever used.  I happen to be in Kelowna BC and realise I have run out but the same store in Kelowna doesn’t have it Ughhh!  Don’t have to make do, if there is a product you rely on buy it and pack it so you know you have it.  I have listed below some examples to get you thinking.

Food (favourite brands)

  • Suntan lotion
  • Cosmetics and other pharmacy items